I had just moved into my new home and was busy installing bathroom towel racks and such, along with hangers for my heftier wall pieces.

Now, we all know that interior wall materials, while they may be standard for mobile homes, are certainly not standard for fixed construction. The wallboard in my present home is a quarter inch thick, and the wood paneling in my old house even thinner.

So…. I was using molly bolts, the kind with the external head with little teeth that dig into the wall and the interior fastener that collapses outward when you turn the screw, and of course the pointy end that allows you to hammer the entire thing  into the wall to start, like a nail.        ……. anyone see where this is going?

  • It’s not a nail. It’s like making a short point on a 3/8 inch dowel. Try hammering that into 1/4 inch wallboard. Even if you hammer the molly bolt in successfully, imagine what the back of the wallboard looks like!  Always drill a hole for the bolt.
  • If you spin that toothed exterior head even a little, you’ve cut a nice circle into that thin wall. Now just add that pressure from the screwdriver you’re using to start the setting process and…. well, you get the idea. This is particularly true for the thin walled interior doors.

The ingenious solution to all this?  A molly setter!  Once the hole is drilled and the bolt inserted, this tool grabs the head of the set screw and pulls the screw out. No screwdriver, no pressure, no fuss.  

You can go here: http://www.naturalhandyman.com/iip/inffastener/infanchor/infmollysetter.html to find out more. Unfortunately, the site they advise you to visit in order to purchase the tool no longer lists it in their catalog. I’m not sure if they dropped it, or just out of stock. You might want to contact them for more information on the tool. I have not been able to find it anywhere else. If any of you find it, please post the information here. The setter is not cheap…. I think around $46 dollars if I remember correctly, but definitely worth it convenience-wise.

– Keith